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Thursday, May 6, 2021
Terry Watson

Terry Watson, 70, of Oklahoma City, passed away on October 26th, 2020.

Terry Watson was born in 1950 in Blackwell, Oklahoma. He grew up in Tonkawa, Oklahoma. He attended Northern Oklahoma College where he met his future wife, Linda Watson. He received a Master’s Degree in the Department of Curriculum and Instruction from Oklahoma State University. He went on to teach history in high school.

He was preceded in death by his younger sister Cathy Watson of Oklahoma City, and older brother Lynn Watson of California.

He was survived by his wife Linda Watson, his two sons, his daughter-in-law, his four grandchildren, and his older sister. His wife and sister both passed several months later.

A joint memorial service will be held for him and his wife on May 7th at 10:00 am at Woodlands Christian Church in Ponca City. The family asks that masks be worn during the ceremony.