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Make H Healthy

Kristi Hayes
Friday, March 15, 2019

I’ve learned a lot of things over the past 18 months while following a low-carb diet. The most important thing, however, is meal prep.

Before I started this way of life, I would walk into the grocery store and spend over an hour walking up and down the aisles trying to decide what sounded good for din-ner. I always ended up buy-ing the same things over and over again ... potatoes, pasta, frozen food and any pre-made meals I could find.

Since I work full-time, I used to think there was sim-ply no way I would have time to cook dinner while working a 40-hour plus job a week. I’ve found that you don’t have to be a chef in order to eat food that tastes great. You just need “real” ingredients.


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